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System Support

Ensuring managed IT support on entire system’s health status, 24-hours, 7-days-a-week, nothing will be standing on the way from down-time .

IT Support Services 

Server & Desktop Support

We provide you with skilled engineers, who provide on-site support at client’s premises and remotely.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring to prevent Hardware, Software, Network failure/issues. Daily maintenance to prevent critical downtime.

Helpdesk Management

Ticketing tracking solution to manage day to day support requests.

User Productivity

Preventative maintenance will reduce downtime and improve the overall productivity of the business.

IT Support SLA

The reason why it is better to have an SLA with us is that with the digital world evolving so quickly, there are new threats every single day.

The digital world is a race, really, and IT is the unbeatable, popular school jock – and Westech is his coach. Not only do we know how to keep up with him, but we know tricks to beat him too. We make sure that you have the best gear, a balanced diet, daily massages, and strategies that are tailored specifically for you and your goals – ensuring that you are fit, healthy, and ready to win any race, no matter how difficult or long it may be.